Calling All UK Readers!

UK-Union-FlagFor the next edition of Cooking Around the World, I pulled the United Kingdom.  And I’m looking for your help!  What would you consider to be the quintessential dish of UK cuisine?  Fish and chips?  Bangers and mash?  Something I’ve never heard of before?  Let me know – I’m excited to get started!


6 thoughts on “Calling All UK Readers!

  1. Hi Becky! The french don’t call us the roast beefs for nothing… I think you should give roast beef and yorkshire puddings a go! Is the right time of year for it! Good luck 🙂


  2. How about a steak and stilton pie with a roast? But to be honest you couldn’t go wrong with anything along the lines of a roast dinner. Have you ever heard of toad in the hole?

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      • Toad in the whole is sausages baked in yorkshire pudding (google it). Steak and stilton pie is really nice with homemade chips, its a pastry pie can either be made with shortcrust or with a puff pastry lid, filled with steak slow cooked in a gravy and stilton cheese. This is one of my favourites on a cold winters evening.


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